For forty five years, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam has remained the same. The same level of service, the same lack of attention to detail, the same brutally honest attitude. But times are changing. A new world needs a new type of hotel. Responding to the demands of literally one or two people, the Hans Brinker has taken the first steps in establishing a global empire by founding a new Hans Brinker in Lisbon.

And it is radically different!
Oh wait, no it’s not.




KesselsKramer developed the new brand film for Aer Lingus the national airline of Ireland. Ireland is a nation of food critics, film critics, of kings and queens all blessed with the travel gene.

Smart Flies Aer Lingus.



In its first project for British footballing legends, Umbro, KesselsKramer was tasked with the job of launching Umbro Velocita. One of the lightest, fastest, most innovative boots out there. How do you communicate such a boot, while retaining Umbro’s celebrated authenticity – especially when you have to fight against brands with astronomical budgets and a mountain of star players.

See it here.

Citizen M


citizenM, the hotel we created the name, design, communications and cocktails for are launching their first NYC hotel in Times Square.

So to generate a buzz around the opening we created a facebook campaign designed to inject some much needed cool back into the area that has become a tourist trap by replacing the infamous tourist portrait artists of Time Square with some of New York’s finest instead.

See the pieces here.