USEFUL PHOTOGRAPHY #11A photo exhibit Curated by Erik Kessels

Opening Night: September 26, 7 – 9PM

The Useful Photography series is a collection of magazines which focus on overlooked and supposedly underwhelming images taken for practical purposes. The latest publication, Useful Photography #11 rifles through the history of human targets used in American shooting ranges. With the gun debate still raging in the USA, this unsettling collection of images throws up all kinds of questions about the attitudes towards guns in America. An exhibition of images from this latest publication will be on show September 26 – October 27 at KK Los Angeles.

The target posters will be suspended in shooting gallery format, visitors to the exhibition will be able to get up close and personal to some of America’s number one enemies. More than straight up body outlines, the scenes depicted often portray fatal scenarios which have played out in the American press. A classroom siege, domestic violence, recognizable terrorist figures, each reflecting some of the nations deepest fears.

What does spending your weekend shooting holes in these figures do to your psyche? Who are the bad guys and with gun sales soaring after each high profile shooting incident, how safe do you really feel?